Get Your Paws Involved

Who wants to just sit and watch?

We’ve all come here to play and have fun!!

If your pooch loves water, they can try the K9 Aquasports Pool this canine aquatic sport, also known as dock diving or dock jumping, is a sport in which dogs jump from a deck (dock) into a large swimming pool (or body of water) or for the less adventurous have a gentle paddle on our own beach.

Perhaps your dog would be brilliant at agility, distraction alley or flyball? So, why not give it a try? It’s free to have a go and chat to the team at ‘TNT’ Flyball. 

If your dog fancies a lie down and a break from all the excitement during the day they can relax in our dedicated Happy Hound chill out and pamper zone’, perfect for that quick power nap, groom or refuel.

It’s a family day out, so what better than a vintage fun fair including a ferris wheel with views over to the Isle of Wight from Horton's Steam Fair!


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