“The Dog House” Behavioural Stage

So What's In-store?

Adem is a leading behavioural expert and trainer who, along with other guests and possibly a few owners, will conduct a range of live demonstrations in our Dog House Behaviour stage.

To bring everything to life, we’re going to do something pretty cool. Dogstival has decided to build a house. Well, one cut in half, like a ‘film set design’, fill it with furniture and create a garden so we can replicate life in a typical home. Each demonstration will be interactive and designed to get people and their dogs up on stage. We’ll discuss the different life stages of dogs and common problems that may occur during these life stages.

We’ll look at common breed specific behavioural issues and how to prevent and tackle these in everyday life. Owners are invited to send in videos of their dogs and their behavioural issues and participants will be selected prior to the show commencing.

The Dog House Line Up

Join Ruby and Betsy at the Behaviour Stage; this dynamic duo set to take over their own brand of joyful dog training.Travelling across the UK and beyond teaching seminars and performing but specialising in Disc Dog – Ruby is one of the leading trainers in the UK for Dog Frisbee, Tricks and well, much more. Disc dog is a dog sport where throwers compete in events such as distance catching and choreographed freestyle catching. Not only is it great fun to watch but the sport celebrates the bond between handler and dog, by allowing them to work together.

Meet Colin and Molly The Pet Detectives. Following high-ranking careers with the Royal Navy and Surrey Police, Colin Butcher established The UK Pet Detectives in 2005. It has since become the market leader in the investigation of crimes against animals, and each year recovers hundreds of lost and stolen pets. An expert in the field of pet detection, Colin’s vast experience as a crime investigator has given him an unrivalled insight into the behaviour of missing dogs and cats.

Training with Dog Ease

The fundamentals of teaching basic commands such as heel, stay and come.

The Modern Day Den

How to set up your home and garden to best support the modern-day dog and owner, helping your dog to fit into our busy and forever changing world.

Growing Up

The life-stages of your dog and how to tailor your training to each 
life-stage to get the most out of your dog as they grow, including how the breeding and energy type of your dog can affect this

Keeping Fit

Training and behaviour exercises to undertake with your dog to help stimulate and tire their mind, as well as tire them physically.

The Walk

Hunting, migrating, socialising, and the coffee shop outing. What we can be doing to make this as fun as possible for both dog and owner.


The basics of addressing common behavioural issues experienced by many dog owners. For example separation anxiety, fearful behaviours, possessive behaviours, aggressive behaviours, and predatory chasing.

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