Chris Packham


Who better than New Forest resident, naturalist and avid dog lover Chris Packham CBE to help host Dogstival with us

Whether you know him from BBC Springwatch, The Really Wild Show, or from his books, charity work and conservation projects, Chris’s enthusiasm and extensive knowledge of animals is endless. He’s currently launching the ‘People’s Manifesto for Wildlife’ which aims to raise awareness of a whole range of man-made environmental issues that are devastating the countryside.

Having grown up in Hampshire with a passion for natural history, Chris is dedicated to the conservation of the New Forest and the unique wildlife and animals that we share the wonderful space with. He works tirelessly at his charity work, taking on president, patron and ambassador roles for over twenty different charities and organisations both worldwide and at home in Hampshire.

As a devoted owner to Scratchy the poodle, Chris is looking forward to meeting everyone and helping us understand how to be the best owners we can be for our dogs. Whether that’s understanding exercise, diet and nutrition, or putting an important focus on your dog’s mental agility and mental health.

Chris’s empathy with animals, is equal to his fascination to learn more about what it is that motivates them to play their unique part in world we all share. His BBC TV series ‘Inside the Animal Mind’ was solely about animal cognition. It’s allowed him to investigate what’s happening inside the heads not just of dogs but countless other animals – crows, dolphins, chimps, bees, octopi and swallows - to name a few.

A prolific author and campaigner, Chris has received numerous awards for his tireless work. More recently, he’s received Honorary Doctorates from both Southampton and London University. A lover of punk rock music and winner of 2011 Celebrity Mastermind where his chosen subject was the Battle of Rorke’s Drift!

His vast knowledge and passion for both the New Forest and dogs is the perfect fit or Dogstival. He’ll be attending across the weekend, giving talks in the Dogstival Lounge……..and we’re sure posing for a few photographs too!

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