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Just like you, nothing is more important to Dogstival than the health & welfare of every dog attending. Dogstival is about fun but also about promoting responsible dog ownership, please follow these guidelines. 

There will be lots more infomation coming soon from the National Park Authority about responsible dog ownership in the New Forest



  • Ensure your dog(s) are transported in a safe secure environment. Follow the advice of your vet or major charities that states they should be either secured with a harness or in a suitable carrier.
  • Always have fresh water in your car and bring some into the event with you. There will be water points around the event that will refilled regularly
  • Never leave your dog unattended in the car. Even if the weather might feel ok, it only takes a few minutes for the temperature to become dangerously hot. If we see any dogs locked or left in vehicles in unsuitable conditions, our staff may need to seek assistance to forcibly remove that dog from your vehicle. Dogs die in hot cars. 
  • Whilst your dog might like hanging out of the car window it’s not a safe way to travel. The same if your car is a convertible.
  • Most importantly. If you feel your dog(s) are suffering or are experiencing sudden health issues whilst at the event, please consult a member of our team or onsite vet immediately. Animals at Home South Hants which is part of a National Franchise have 24 hour support from their operational team and 24 hour access to a Veterinary nurse. Animals at home will have an Animal Ambulance onsite for the duration of the event and it is all authorised by the Animals Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency (part of DEFRA) as required by European Law to transport animals in safety and comfort. The same for people, if you are feeling unwell, please find a member of the Dogstival team or check the site map for South Coast Medics tent. Both will be sited at the main event entrance.
  • The show will be busy and if that’s not the sort of place they enjoy, it might not be right for them.
  • Sorry dogs must be kept on their lead unless it’s in a designated area. These will be clearly signposted. If they are allowed to be off the lead, ensure they have a good level of recall…they must be under your supervision and control at all times.
  • How’s your dog’s health? If it’s getting old, struggling to walk very far or not as fit as it should be, then it might struggle as Pylewell Park and our event covers a pretty large area…
  • Bitches in season are not permitted to attend.
  • Is your dog well socialised with other dogs or strangers? If not, or it is anxious/ fearful around other dogs or people then please don't bring it to Dogstival - it won't enjoy it.
  • Legally, dogs should have a collar with a tag displaying their owner's name and contact details. Ideally a phone number in case of emergencies.
  • Please ensure your dog is up to date with any required vaccinations.
  • If your dog is unwell or suffering with any medical conditions that may be passed onto other dog’s they should definitely not be attending.
  • Keep an eye on the weather. Ok, it’s May so it shouldn’t be blazing sunshine or freezing cold, but make sure you and your dog are properly prepared for a day out. We’ll have lots of water to keep them hydrated, the sea or a lake to swim in, plus shaded areas to relax in. This especially applies to certain breeds. What your dog can cope with will depend on their age, breed, health and conditions on the day. Some dogs are more prone than others, e.g. those who are old, young, overweight, with thick coats or with short faces such as Pugs and French Bulldogs. Dogs on some types of medication are also more at risk. You can find more information on the RSPCA website here
  • If you want your dog to take part in our ‘have a go activities’, it’s your responsibility to ensure they are fit and able enough.
  • Dogs are permitted to swim or play on the Pylewell Park beach but must be supervised at all times. The water is shallow, but tides change and ‘rip tides’ to exist in the Solent.
  • Please don’t force your dog to do things it doesn’t want to. Not all dogs will enjoy all the activities.
  • Make sure you clean up after your dog. Failing to pick up is irresponsible and potentially dangerous to young children and other animals. Carry plenty of bags, bins will be sited across the festival.
  • Extendable dog leads aren’t a good idea. Everything gets tangled up. Dogs are also much more difficult to control if they are 20 feet out in front!
  • Anyone seen mistreating their dog or handling it poorly will be immediately asked to leave Dogstival. No dog will be allowed to participate if an inappropriate training device is being used. This includes electric shock collars, choke chains and spray collars.
  • Be careful what you drop on the floor and in particular certain foods that are poisonous to dogs such as chocolate or onions. Please do enjoy the lovely food and drink on offer but use the bins provided.
  • Please do not bring any glass onto the festival site.
  • Dogs should not be dressed up in costumes. These can be uncomfortable, hot and restrictive for the dogs wearing them and can cause anxiety and confusion to other dogs seeing them.
  • The welfare of your dog and their behaviour is your responsibility and they must not be left unattended at any time. If they have any special needs or requirements please consider that before coming along. There will be a vet and a number of welfare officers on site at the event if you have any queries.


  • It’s not just our canine friends who need our protection, with Dogstival’s amazing location on the New Forest National Park’s coastline, it’s important that visitors to the festival respect the wildlife who live here. Some advice from Bird Aware Solent about how to help protect coastal birds:
  • Look out for birds feeding or resting on the coast and take care not to disturb them
  • Move further away if birds become alert 
  • Keep your dog in sight and on a short lead if you cannot rely on it's obedience
  • See the following link for Bird Aware’s full coastal code Bird Aware 


  • If you’re on medication or have any special medical needs this may not be a great event to attend. Especially if being on your feet for long periods or having to walk distances isn’t easy for you. Dogstival will not take any responsibility for your own personal medical conditions.
  • Children under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Do not stroke, touch or play with someone else dog unless you have had permission from the owner.
  • If you are feeling unwell, please find a member of the Dogstival team or check the site map for South Coast Medics tent.
  • Everyone attending Dogstival does so at their own risk. Our suppliers, stallholders, activities, sponsors or other festival contractors are not liable for any accidents or injury unless negligence is proven on their part.
  • Dogstival cannot accept responsibility of any loss of property, damage to parked vehicles or damage to property of any kind.
  • Dogstival has comprehensive Public Liability Insurance to the value of £20 million.


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